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For more information on how recruitment at the Australian High Commission, Wellington is carried out, please click here: Recruitment at the Australian High Commission, Wellington


Employment Opportunities - Locally Engaged Staff

Position Title

Position Description

Closing Date

Defence Finance and Administration Officer

Defence Finance and Administration Officer position description

10am NZDT, 12 December 2022

How to Apply

The quality of your application creates the vital first impression we have of you. As a minimum, you should ensure that you include the following elements:

  1. One page pitch
  2. Curriculum Vitae of no more than two pages

Applications for advertised positions should be sent to [email protected]. Please submit applications in MS Word or PDF formats.

One page pitch

Your one-page pitch is a chance to tell us why you are the right person for the role. We want to know why you want to work at the Australian High Commission, why you are interested in the role, what you can offer us, and how your skills, knowledge, experience, and qualifications are applicable to the role. In a nutshell – why should we hire you?

Try not to duplicate information that can already be found in your CV but do highlight any specific examples or achievements that will demonstrate your capability to perform well in the role.

Curriculum Vitae (maximum two pages)

  • Personal Details – full name, contact email address and phone number.
  • Education – provide details of any education and qualifications that relate to the job you are applying for.
  • Work Experience – include all work experience and outline the main responsibilities and achievements that are relevant to the job you are applying for.  Organise your employment history in chronological order, starting with the most recent, and indicate actual dates of employment. Make sure to explain any gaps in time.
  • Other Experience – if relevant, briefly mention any extra-curricular activities, interests, or volunteer/community work that you participated in and highlight what you gained from that experience.
  • Referees – include the name and contact details of two professional referees who can validate and support your application (optional).
  • Layout – your one-page pitch and CV (maximum of two pages) should be in an easy-to-read font and a simple, consistent format.

Recruitment at the Australian High Commission, Wellington

Thank you for considering a career with the Australian High Commission, in Wellington.

The Australian High Commission is the official representative of the Australian Government in New Zealand. We provide a range of services to the public, including consular and passport services. We also act on behalf of various Australian Government authorities by representing Australia's interests to local, regional, and multilateral government and business organisations in New Zealand.

Employment at the High Commission in Wellington is based on merit.  To be eligible for selection, all candidates must satisfy the essential job requirements and meet any security clearance conditions. A selection committee is often – but not always – used where a number of candidates are to be assessed . A list of suitable candidates may be established whenever the High Commission completes a selection process.

The Recruitment and Selection Process

All positions advertised at the Australian High Commission, Wellington have a job description setting out the responsibilities and tasks of the job and the key competencies, skills, and/or qualifications required to perform in the position.

Resumes are reviewed based on the applicant’s skills, qualifications, and relative suitability to the role. Those applicants considered most suitable may be contacted for interview.

A selection committee may be established to assess applicants against the requirements of the job. There are no restrictions on the way in which applicants are assessed but they must be compared fairly.  Examples of ways to gather information about the suitability of an applicant include, but are not limited to:

  • Requesting a CV and/or a written application
  • Asking applicants to address specific requirements of the job, or make a ‘pitch’ – written or by video
  • Conducting interviews face to face or via video
  • Written or verbal testing, including psychological or aptitude testing
  • Seeking example of past work
  • Contacting referees.   

Overseas Applicants, Please Note the Following

The Australian High Commission in Wellington does not sponsor applicants for New Zealand work visas.

The Australian High Commission will not be responsible for the cost of relocation, nor the return of the staff member and family to their country of origin at the end of the contract. All relocation costs are at the expense of the officer, including travel, personal effects, and accommodation in New Zealand.